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a few weeks ago I bought izzi a hello kitty jewelry set that came with a pair of pierced earrings. so naturally, she was obsessed with wanting to wear them. my husband, ed, then mentioned he had seen a sign at our doctor’s office that said they did ear-piercing (which is so funny he remembers the most random things but doesn’t know my cell phone number!) needless to say, she was determined to get her ears pierced. we explained to her it might hurt a little bit and she said with a most serious face, ‘mom, I promise I won’t cry.’  really, how could we say no? besides, I do paint our 2 1/2 year old son’s toes when he asks. but I promise no one is allowed to get a tattoo until 18!
today, we had izzi’s doctor visit and I didn’t know she also needed shots. the doctor said they would do the ears first and if it was too much, she could come back for the shots. our little angel was so good and so brave, not a single tear for any of it. the only sign of trouble was when the doctor asked me which earrings I would like her to have, gold or diamonds, izzi yelled diamonds before I could answer! well, at least she can’t spell tiffany yet!