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I’ve decided to devote mondays on my blog to makeup- tips, trends, q&a, my favorites…basically anything and everything to do with the lipgloss portion of my life!
so I would like to start with my two favorite products on earth, (which I promise, it’s not a shameless plug, I really do love them) bobbi brown corrector and lip balm. now, anyone who has ever had their makeup done by me knows, I can’t live without this duo. I always say that if I was on survivor, I don’t need a bag of rice, I want my corrector and lip balm!
first up, corrector, which bobbi herself calls, ‘the secret of the universe’. and omg, it most certainly is! why you may ask? the simplest way to explain is it’s like a wall primer- completely neutralizes under-eye darkness to make you look fresh, young and bright, as if you get a full 8 hours sleep every night. obviously, that doesn’t happen often with three little birds!
my other mommy must have is bobbi brown lip balm, which instantly smooths, soothes, adds shine and even brings out your best natural lip color plus did I mention has spf 15?! whew!

not the most glamourama of products but when you have one minute, literally, to get ready, the difference is ah-mazing!

what are your must have makeup products? please share, I love hearing everyone’s beauty secrets!