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the kids and I had such a lovely day visiting my sister in the country (it really is the country, ie horse farms, corn fields, fruit orchards, although there is a starbucks down the road).
but…a long day with no nap equals overtired, restless little birds that hang on to the day’s adventures. actually, that’s the dreamy version. bedtime was a little more like crazyville but now all is peaceful and quiet. 
this evening made me think of the conversation I had this morning while buying diapers.  I love that the sweet elderly clerk at the grocery store called me ‘miss’, since too often lately for some reason I’ve been called ‘maam’. anyways, I thanked her and she said that I was a miss because I was much younger than her and I obviously had a baby. I told her I had three kids under 4.  she responded that she would pray for me tonight. I replied I didn’t need a prayer because I have great kids and a really amazing, supportive husband. I know she meant well but why was I even having this conversation and then justifing my life to a stranger in a three minute checkout? since having our third baby, I’ve noticed people think we are either saints or insane. we are a little crazy, but happy and healthy and blessed. so checkout lady,  please don’t say a prayer for me, unless it’s that we win the mega powerball!