it’s been a good week, but a long week. enjoyed the comfortable weather with the three little birds by having lots of good walks, plenty of park time and some quality noni/papa time (aka my parents).
I especially had a fun day today working some makeup magic at one of my absolute favorite stores, bluemercury– a boutique like a candy store filled with the most wonderful makeup/beauty products/candles and even has a spa.
I really felt the need for a little reward. on the way home, I was conveniently able to pop into one of my other favorite shops, sweet mandy b’s. anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have an insatiable sweet tooth. and I am crazy for their brownies (make sure to ask for them frosted!) cookies and cupcakes! sadly, no whoopie pies today.  having a difficult time deciding so I’ll divide all into fours and it’s a great way to teach a lesson in sharing! cheers and happy weekend!

ps. what little treats do you reward yourself with? I’d love to hear!