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I’d like to introduce my children- rapunzel, flynn and pascal. some of you may know them as izzi, evan and emmett. but for the past week, izzi, err I mean rapunzel, has insisted that these are their names. (oh the sleepless nights we spent reading the 20,001 names book.) needless to say, her favorite movie is tangled and she is completely obsessed.

it is hysterical because she also refers to herself in the third person. when we were taking a walk the other day, she said to me, ‘mom, rapunzel is having a wonderful day’ and ‘rapunzel loves cake pops from starbucks.’ it just melts my heart…most of the time. I always try to encourage my kids to be imaginative and creative, but there are boundaries as with anything. like I refuse to be called mother gothel (the evil mother). I only play if I can be the queen. daddy is the scary pub guy, but that is funny. and we really run into problems when no one answers me as I call for them to do something or when rapunzel/izzi likes to wear her hair down so it gets all messy and tangled in her food.

just another chapter in our very own fairytale.

ps…photo footnote: at the time of publishing, pascal, aka emmett’s figurine, had gone missing again, so he will be played by maximus the horse. I’m started to get worried, it’s the longest he’s ever been gone.