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with three little birds, most days I’m donning lip balm. but pretend for a minute I have time for lipstick, let alone brushing my teeth!

the options in lip color can be overwhelming. how do you find the perfect pout? here are a few ways to k.i.s.s…keep it simple sweetie:

the best and most complementary color is going to be one shade lighter or darker than your natural lip color.
whenever I’m working with a client, I always recommend to try it on your lips, not all over the top of your hand. at worst, it comes off, since we’re not tatooing it on!  if you’re not comfortable trying on a lipstick (that in all honesty has been around the block, even though we do sterilze sterilze sterilze!) try it on your finger tip. I know it sounds strange, but it’s the closest match to the skin on your lips.

lip liner is one of those things that if it’s not right in front of me, sharpened and can apply itself, I skip it for everyday. but if you can spare a few seconds it really can make an impact (plus its much more cost effective than collagen injections). choose a liner close to your natural color and it will go with everything. and btw, I am still talking lip liner, please don’t EVER use eyeliner- enough said. apply liner after lipstick and it’s much easier to see where you need the definition as well as it eliminates the ghastly ring around the mouth syndrome since it will wear off before your lipstick. top with a touch of lipgloss- it always makes life pretty!

if nudes are just not noticeable, you love cosmic lily (like one of my beauty besties, here) have a crush on orange, or party in pink, the most important rule is just wear what makes you happy!

xoxo s

ps…quick tip: use your concealer brush or foundation brush to clean up any mistakes along your lip and it also seals in the color!