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here’s a bittersweet little story about family and how it can be unconventional and unconditional…

once upon a time, about seven years ago, a darling couple bought a condo in the forest (well just next to the forest preserve). now this couple had dreamed of fixing up this charming place and selling it to make lots of money so they could buy a bigger home to raise their children. but then the market crashed, the neighbors under sold and they couldn’t leave the palace…where was I? oh I mean back to the story.

five years ago a sweet pair of geese, whom the woman named garbo and gable (ok, really hokey), came pecking at their back door. everyday the woman fed the geese bread, despite the warnings from the wretched, evil condo association. so, garbo and gable happily returned every summer with their goslings.

tragedy struck this past summer for the goose family. one gosling disappeared, another (who they believed to be the father) perished in a storm…and then there was grace. well, we’re not really sure if it’s a he or a she, but the children named her, so who could argue with that. anyways, it appeared that she was attacked by a wild beast or maybe just a coyote. she survived, but with a broken wing and an injured leg. the goose family stayed by her everyday but inevitably, we knew they would depart for the season and have to leave her behind.

and so that day came. grace waited patiently by the water’s edge for her family to return. it’s amazing how loyal birds are to one another. when the father died in the pond, the family circled around him for a day until he was at rest. (I can pause for a tissue break.)

well, one day last week, two adorable ducks decided to dock in the pond and nestled right along side grace. they have been inseparable since…sleeping, swimming, preening, and even protecting each other from the cranky cranes creeping around the water’s edge.

I don’t know what will become of this modern day three’s company once winter arrives. but I believe in love, I cheer for the underdog and good always prevails. I will keep you posted.

just a happy little slice of life right outside my window. I’m not sure if the story is more interesting or the fact that not only have I watched this all summer but also penned a version!

xoxo s

ps…if anyone knows of any geese rescues or is willing to adopt (since my husband declined my suggestion to keep her in our patio) please let me know.