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I am a beauty addict. whether it’s the apothocary or amazon.com, I’m always on the hunt for health products. I love labels and I am a fool for fragrance, but when it comes to my children, the choices can be a little challenging. I try to avoid harsh detergents, dyes and other distractions during bath time. here are some products for healthy and happy little spa babies:

1. aveeno baby continuous protection sunblock lotion spf 55- my kids may be mistaken for vampires but i don’t take any chances when it comes to sunscreen

2. boudreaux’s butt paste- not only the cutest name and coolest packaging but it really does work!

3. baba and theo conditioning leave-in detangler- created by an ah-mazing stylist/dad/friend, THE best leave-in conditioner/detangler, especially for a tangled obsessed toddler. available upon request at trio salon, chicago

4. california baby calendula cream- so good for sensitive skin and a great moisturizer for mom!

5. california baby tea tree & lavender shampoo and body wash- squeaky clean head to toe without stripping

6. kirkland brand baby wipes– besides the obvious use, these unscented, ultra soft wipes are great for removing makekup, quick cleaning toys, sticky faces and fingers, etc etc etc.

do you have any must have beauty and the baby products? I would love to hear, thanks for sharing!

xoxo s