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there’s something about motherhood that really makes a woman share some dirty little secrets…are you an every day girl or once a week kind of gal? how big is your pile?  I’m talking laundry. loads and loads of endless, evil laundry. it can be so easy to hide, ignore or just forget about by simply closing a door. but somehow it always comes up in conversation. and it’s not out of lack of topics, because there are so many other riveting points of discussion like bottle feeding v. breast feeding debates, teething crises, and the always fascinating war on potty training.

I just can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. for instance, why is it so difficult to put away? I am the luckiest girl to have the best launderer/husband in town. he sorts, folds, and is the master of stainbusting, which fyi I happen to suffer from a severe case of ocd when it comes to stains. I should mention I was also self-diagnosed with adult attention deficit via an online quiz. which was clearly accurate since there is a load in the washer from yesterday that I forgot to put in the dryer. well, I try to not work on holidays plus conveniently we’ve run out of soap so for now I’m off the hook!

today, I may focus my energy on identifying what exactly is in the basket (photo exhibit a ) that quite possibly has been residing on top of the dryer all summer!

xoxo s

ps…makeup monday will return next week so please send your baffling beauty questions!