our oldest little bird, izzi, starts preschool next week. it’s such a huge milestone and I find myself with a mixture of emotions. while she has reassured me that she will not cry, promises to share and make lots of friends, I still have some reservations about a few things. and let me preface that this should not change your views on my parenting abilities, nor have I ever claimed to be perfect. with that being said, here are my top 3 concerns:

1. this one isn’t too bad, but as previously mentioned here, izzi likes to be called rapunzel (more specifically flynpunzel, which is her couple name- flynn+rapunzel, like tomkat or brangelina, which honest to gosh she made up herself!) and oftentimes won’t answer to anything else. do they allow this? how will her transcripts read?

2. here goes…we’ve got the potty thing down except for that she comes out sans bottoms. what if she starts walking around the classroom half undressed?! do they call the police?

3. once in a blue moon, hardly ever, on the rarest of occasion, I have slipped up with some less than choice words, so what happens if she drops something and says ‘oh f*ck!’ or out of nowhere decides to call someone a d-bag (which I’ve only said like once, ok maybe twice in her company, in the car mind you). I die.

am I insane? is everyone else just worried about having all the right school supplies or being first in line for pick up?

I guess the important thing is to focus on the all the fun times ahead. I’m so excited for all the new friends she will make, baking goodies for holiday parties, and going on class trips. actually, I don’t even really know what else they do in preschool these days, but it’s always an adventure and at least its good material for later!

I will definitely have lots of follow up next week!

xoxo s