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this week, target stores became a battleground in the ultimate fight of fashionistas vs recessionistas. in one day, it was missoni accomplished!

here’s the skinny… if you haven’t heard of the italian luxury brand, missoni, by now, the best way to describe is with a line from one of my favorite movies, ‘it’s like a really important designer’, albeit a family of designers. known for their vibrant-colored, signature chevron pattern, and a price point worthy of panic ($600-$12,000), target announced last spring that their wildly popular, go international line, would feature the brand. on sept 13th, shoppers armed themselves with cash, coffee, and credit cards, ready for a battle equivalent to black friday. 

I can sum up the launch in three words: genius, gorgeous, gone. yes, it was supposed to run through october but the chevron chaos crashed the target website for a day and completely depleted stores down to the last espresso cup.

in true recessionista form, I am guilty of staying up all night desperately (and unsuccessfully) trying to score at least the duvet; then frantically calling mi famiglia and friends to rally for anything left on the racks. a team effort scored some absolutely amazing, adorable pieces for my daughter and a garage full of odds and ends that I was not quite sure how to handle. at this rate, target could redirect their site to ebay. although it’s pretty incredible how some are selling the goods up to 400% higher, which is comparative to the missoni’s more affordable m line.

return or resell? after lots of thought and a missoni migraine, I’m going to take the entrepreneurial approach and sell with a small finders fee. I think that’s totally fair, do you? at least for my husband and children who I made the ultimate fashion victims this week!

xoxo s

ps…if anyone is interested in my missoni for target treasures let me know!