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we all know the saying, first comes love, then comes marriage, then the baby carriage. but someone left out the part that follows…obsessive/compulsive disorder. I mean we all have our little quirks, like which way we hang the toilet paper roll or taking shoes off at the front door.  but for me, we are talking full blown, ‘sleeping with the enemy’ condition when it comes to my kids toys and keeping them together. (ok and stains too, but I’m trying to control my adult attention deficit disorder and focus on one issue at a time). it’s kind of embarrassing to admit but isn’t that the first step?

three little birds equals a lot of bits and pieces, but I can locate 99.9% at any given time. so…as I’m getting everyone settled tonight and straightening up the kitchen, I realize that a piece to the bubble wash magnet set on the fridge is missing (evidence photo).  I start crawling on the floor with my phone flashlight, looking under places it wouldn’t even fit and offering a handsome reward to the child who finds it.

the kids have been asleep for over two hours now. trying desperately to let it go and distract myself in a wednesday night storage wars marathon. but each commercial break I’m still creeping around the house trying to find this *bleeping* back end of the fire truck. I text my sister and she assures me it won’t affect the kids’ education if this piece is not recovered.  I will pass the case to my husband who is an expert in magnet rescue and recovery missions.

I wish I could obsess over math formulas or putting laundry away.  any suggestions, besides the obvious, like there are more important things in life, are greatly appreciated!

happy hump day!

xoxo s