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it’s been one of those yin and yang kind of weeks….hot and cold weather, good and bad news, sickness and health (hence the late edition of this post). but whenever there’s ugly, something pretty is hidden beneath, and here are some of my favorites from this week…

-sugar and spice: pumpkin and apple cinnamon donuts, so perfect for fall (I heart donuts, if you hadn’t noticed!)

-lost and found: the mystery of the missing magnet case closed…discovered in a cabinet while putting away groceries.(clearly the work of a tiny handed professional who could penetrate child proof locks!)

-up and down: my baby bird is just about walking, with a lot of running into things!

-grey and glitter: my toned down version of a two toned manicure for two

have a happy and healthy weekend! (honestly, is anyone not sick this week?!)

xoxo s