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I’ve been pretty two-faced since having my three little birds…either no makeup mama or full blown beauty for work. now that we’ve entered the land of preschool- a whole new secret society, I’ve made my own oath of beauty: I do solemnly swear (on the beauty bible) to not leave the house without at least five minute makeup. (and ps…I promise to never, ever parade in my pjs! I just don’t get that, but we can save that whole convo for another day.)

clearly, many moms don’t care but I refuse to be the harried housewife, schlepping to school with a snookie clip and slippers.  I’m channeling cool/casual/chic (though reality it’s crazyville getting all four of us ready and out the door on time three days a week, but who needs to know that?)

so here’s five products to look fabulous in five minutes:
tinted moisturizer
eye brightener
medium brown shadow for eyes and brows
cheek/lip tint

I may not be twenty-something, like some of the other moms, but with a bit of makeup magic, I know I can appear ageless and effortless, even at 8 in the morning.

xoxo s