it’s hard to believe that a year ago today, our sweet emmett charles was born. I can remember the night, entirely and with the same emotions, as if it were yesterday. upon announcing his birth, I had said his arrival was early (by three weeks) and eventful. here is his birth story…

october 11, 2010…I had been struggling to stop contractions for a few weeks prior, and was successful until my kids and I had caught the norovirus, aka nonstop vomitting virus, the night before. I had to leave my two terribly sick little birds behind as my superman husband got us to rush hospital in record time. I was sick the entire ride with my head in a kohl’s bag. it felt like a movie but clearly not quite as cute. we got to the emergency room, which was hot and bright and crazy. I had on a paper thin jumpsuit but poured with perspiration. I thought why are we f*cking filling out paperwork?! ed had to move the car and a sweet security guard wheeled me away from the chaos as I waited to be escorted to ob/ triage. he told me about his children as I threw up in a pan. finally, a nurse found me and brought us up. it was softly lit and somber in triage and I was sick until I had my iv. all the months of morning sickness I had endured with three kids, nothing had compared to this! I finally felt better and started to doze off when the resident came in around 1am to say my doctor was on her way and we would be having the baby shortly. this was my third c-section so I knew the drill. it was so eerily quiet everywhere and then the bright, cold operating room. ed waited outside as we got ready.  two men administered my spinal and I remember them being just business, not having a great bedside manner. I started to breathe really slow. and then I got dizzy. I can hear all the machines beeping and my doctor calling my name. I started to faint…both of our vitals had dropped and they couldn’t find the baby. my doctor was calm but stern and said to everyone that they needed to speed this up, she had get going now. I still cry to this day because I remember I thought to myself, I know she can get him out in literally minutes…but this can’t be happening…please god, I don’t care what happens to me but please let my baby be ok. the anethesiologist poked my belly and it still felt sharp but I said I didn’t care, just get him out. I held onto some kind of bar, I felt so much pain and got sick as they rushed for my son. a minute later, I heard the most precious sound of crying and my doctor yell for someone to get ‘dad’ in here. the anesthesia had finally taken full effect because ed came to me and brushed my head, went to hold my hand and I thought, ‘who the f*ck are you and now you want to hold my hand’ since, I didn’t recognize him with scrubs, and I thought it was one of the anethesiologists, lol. then they brought emmett to us. he was gorgeous and a perfect 6lbs 12oz.  he looked just like his big sister, izzi and already a spitfire like his big brother, evan.

not really material for tlc’s a baby story but I wouldn’t change anything because it was our special journey together. and everyday that beautiful face fills our life with love and laughter. so happy first birthday to my darling emmett charles, may it be as special as you! 

xoxo, mommy daddy, izzi, evan and lola the cat