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when it comes to guilty pleasures, I have a list only a dentist could appreciate (btw, mine is ah-mazing! I’m a little biased since he also happens to be my cousin. but I really have to plug him if anyone is in need, because he is a rockstar).

so, recently I discovered my new favorite treat…toblerone candy bars. have you tried them? to be honest, it would have been one in my halloween trade pile along with baby ruth (sorry but I’m team butterfinger). they just seemed creepy. but now I see why they have a cult like following.

I decided to try one as per recommendation by the sweet clerk at trader joes, ironically the same afternoon after a check up at the dentist. let me tell you, I am obsessed! I mean it is the creamiest, dreamiest chocolate ever. and the little bits of nougat, which I’m not sure if they are honey and almond or just almond and the honey is in the chocolate but it doesn’t matter. I’ve had three this week. so toblerone, if you can hear me, sorry for coming late to the party, but thank you. I will be sure to share if they send me a box!

what are your guilty sweet treat pleasures? I would love to hear!

xoxo s