since the nanny had the day off, (wink wink) I decided to take all three birds to the mall. I have not been to this particular mall in probably a good five, maybe even ten years. I didn’t know that it had a disney store or that deb was still in business for that matter. anyways, the mission was to pick up a lightening mcqueen costume on hold, maybe the tangled hair piece, nothing more. the kids were debriefed on the way, I had already bought them treats from the other disney store earlier today.

we get to the store, I get said items, looked at a couple of things, remind kids again no more toys, check out, done. walking back to the car I’m thinking that wasn’t too bad…until I unload the stroller. hidden in the basket, behind the ‘purchases’ are smuggled four tangled blue ray dvds and a laser remote lightening mcqueen car.  what the what? who? how? why? omg, total panic. izzi mentions that yes, evan put a lot of tangled dvds and a car in there. ok, good to know now. the undercover brother is exposed. now what? are they going to believe me? I could be one of those traveling gypsy families that make their kids steal. are they going to arrest me? seriously, I couldn’t even take a can of hair spray in junior high and now mr sticky fingers throws in $150 worth of larceny. for one second I think I could just go home and pretend it didn’t happen. but, I have to teach these kids the right thing. I drive to the closer side of the mall. which side note, there is also an aldi grocery store and like ten more weird stores I’ve never heard. I get back to disney, beet red, sweating, knocking over costumes with the stroller. the nice clerk who had helped me comes over and immediately I pull out the grand theft items, explaining what happened. I tell evan to say sorry and I also apologize because mama should have noticed too. she actually felt more sorry for me that I had to bring everyone back, and said she was so appreciative.

the moral of the story, maybe I do need a nanny, oh I mean, honesty is the best policy.

xoxo s