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now that it’s november,  I have decided to turn a new leaf, pun fully intended. as mentioned before regarding this blog, I always try to be positive but I’m not perfect. there’s only so much a great lipgloss and concealer can cover.

lately, I’ve felt overextended and overwhelmed. I’ve been so worried about the future that I have not been enjoying the present as much as I should. my pity party includes games like find the lost voice, juggle the mom and makeup artist and remember the tray of problems. and musn’t forget that goody bag full of migraines.

I found some inspiring words yesterday, that seemed as if they were written just for me. my therapist/husband, (he truly is a wonderful man of many hats) says that I’m too hard on myself and I should be so proud of all that I do. sometimes it’s just easier to find the pretty in everything else. instead of being so serious and stern, I’ve decided to start being more sweet to myself. respite will be more than going to work or a long car ride. I’m going to finally read that book, do yoga again and plan a date night, maybe even bowling. and most importantly, enjoy just being mama.

I’m also inspired by my friend heather, an amazing mom, makeup artist, fashion designer and founder of autism spectrum disorder support group, help button for asd. she has created a great ritual this month. everyday she will post what she is thankful for, up until thanksgiving day.  despite adversity, she is focused and funny and I am grateful to have such a fabulous friend. I plan to write in my gratitude journal again for all the days of the year.

now, I’ve put it all out on the table, and that feels better. I’m going to play in the present, not focus so much on the future and keep treasuring those favorite things from the past. thanks so much for lending an ear, or would it be an eye since you’re reading?! I promise no more love laughter and lame.

xoxo s

ps…a very happy birthday to my baby sister, kristen! love you!