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recently, a friend and I were discussing how our children address adults. in my generation, (I’m oblivious to age, but the one including cabbage patch kids and cavaricci pants) we always referred to adults as mr/mrs/ms last name. we even called our grandparents in this fashion, ie grandma bennett.

these days, a lot of people prefer the mr/mrs/ms first name combo. I just can’t get used to it, especially since that would make my husband, mr ed. some of our close friends are referred to as auntie or uncle, but otherwise we allow them, as well as ourselves, to just go by a first name basis. I’m not trying to be the bff mom hanging out at the mall with matching uggs and extra low rise jeans. however, it had me thinking, is it disrespectful for children to just say your name? but according to the bombshell manual of style, by laren stove, ‘a bombshell wants a name that will have a ripple effect, a name that resonates. it should go with her hair color. never anything weird, slatternly, hard to pronounce, or with tawdry overtones.’ considering a lot of people mispronounce our last name, (amendola- which some have even called armadillo), where does a girl find balance? what are all the other kids doing these days?

please leave some thoughts about this, I’d love to hear!