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a long time ago, in a big city not so far away, there lived a girl who spent her money in a very frivolous way. but then she grew up, got married, had three little birds and scene.

I remember when I wouldn’t know how much things had actually cost until I got the bill in the mail. today, I am much more mindful of my spending habits. I refer to at as my wants & needs. so recently when I wanted a fabulous new moisturizer, I decided I needed to give the inexpensive walmart brand equate, a fair try. here is the trickle down effect…this particular formula was identical to aveeno with soy complex, which some have shockingly compared to the super luxe creme de la mer. I know, quelle horreur. but after a few short weeks, I have to say I am very pleased with the results- fresh, glowy skin. and considering I spent $5 and saved $130, my piggy jar is also sitting pretty.

xoxo s