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it’s been quite a demanding december. I have been put to the true test of balancing mama and makeup artist. so recently, in a mad rush to beat a chicago morning rush, I left the house sans secret (my preferred deodorant). realizing in bumper to bumper traffic, I started sweating thinking about sweating. I quickly turned off the heat in my little vintage volvo and I began brainstorming. luckily, I was on my way to the beauty bar at nordstrom. I knew the stylish girls there swore off sweat with the fabulous & frivolous donna karan cashmere mist anti-perspirant/deodorant. (perfect since I usually refer to my perspiring as polish mist, an homage to my heritage). but in the end, my dewy defense simply came from a sample of kiehls superbly efficient anti perspirant & deodorant. let’s just say that clearly the container is not big enough to also call it comfortable/creamy/worth every penny/saved my life/ah-mah-zing. now that is a superb stocking stuffer!

xoxo s