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being one half polski, we celebrate paczki day in our house. to say that I love paczki’s (pronounced pooch-ki meaning filled donuts) is putting it lightly.  I anticipated waking up at 5:30am to pick up the two and a half-dozen, just out of the oven, melt in your mouth, one million calorie-creations, and fight off every man, woman and child in the southwest chicago/northwest indiana area. until, my paczki plan was foiled by baby bird rising at 5am.  ok, no big deal, I thought, just take him with me, so to not wake the rest of the house.  we arrived to a line wrapped around the block (for pre-orders mind you) and stood in the cold/dark/snow/wind, for about five minutes until I had to throw in the towel.  I felt so defeated, for all the executive flavor decisions I had made, I even slept in my clothes. my heroic husband came to my rescue. he quickly got ready for work and went back to the bakery. yet, he too came home empty-handed because the amusement park-worthy line had grown and I couldn’t ask him to take a personal paczki day. third time, with my three lucky little birds, was a charm because by some small miracle, I was in and out of the chaos in under ten minutes. na drowie! I got my delish donuts and a diagnosis as a certified wackadoodle for this ridiculous adventure.

not to worry because if you missed out, orland park bakery, which may be more american than authentic, but by far the best, has them through easter! and…you can even place an order online! our favs are apricot, blueberry, buttercream, cannoli, cherry, lemon, raspberry, strawberry custard, pretty much all except prune (ick)! so…will we do this again next year? yes. not on tuesday.

happy paczki day/mardi gras/fat tuesday!

xoxo s