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they kind of see me as the little goofy guy wearing glasses, but they love seeing it -eric sogard

I have always wanted glasses for the cool, chic, mysterious & studious lure about them. once in high school, I pretended that I could not see the eye chart, but when I got to the second round of testing, I panicked and proclaimed I could see clear as day, for fear I would go blind. when I was in the hospital with evan, I wore ‘fake’ glasses to hide my labor of love. and ironically, now that sweet little bird has specs. he is beyond adorable in these recycled, retro glasses from walmart, mind you! (these were second runner-up to the first pair I fell in love with… a too cool for school, vintage ray ban-esque style but the technician told me they were for adult women and had suggested we browsed the kids section.) most importantly, regardless of looks, he is on the road to repairing his vision.

xoxo s