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today, my sister had suggested to mix it up and call thursdays a ‘throwback’ by linking a classic oldie song to the post. but like a rorschach ink blot, the first song that popped in my head was barbie girl. it was one of our favorite songs when we lived together fifteen years ago (yikes) and actually one of the little birds’ first favs too. yes, while some kids sang along to barney or the wiggles, mine were humming ‘come on barbie, let’s go party’ (my ringtone for her phone.) but it is such a fun song, especially since we lived for our barbie weekends growing up. my sisters and I would spend an entire day just ‘setting up’ the town, pool, vacation home, etc with everything from shoe boxes to sweaters to the bathroom sink. I think we secretly played barbies through junior high. these days, sadly it seems girls give up barbie by second grade. luckily, my daughter has a beautiful imagination, so I’m hoping she won’t grow up too quickly. she is always cooking, drawing, fashioning (as she calls it but really it’s dress up) & making up magical stories about princesses and ponies. just before naptime this afternoon, izzi asked me to come see her bunk bed. I climbed the ladder to what I told her looked like a wonderful party filled with her favorite friends. she replied, ‘yeah, I organized it real good because we are having a sleepover with raspberry cake and rainbow lipgloss.’ see, a great example of ‘imagination, life is your creation’.

without further adieu, here is barbie girl by aqua, going out to my sister rebecca, the little birds and all the fantastic barbies and kens out there. enjoy!

xoxo s