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on march 15th, my brother in law jonah’s mother passed away. I want to dedicate this post to a special soul the world has lost. jessie kinghorn, of lake orion, michigan, would have celebrated her 80th birthday on september 11th. although she was jonah’s grandmother, she raised him and was his ‘mother’ in every true sense of the word. she was a vivacious woman, filled with generosity and overflowed with emotion for everything and everyone around her. she loved her cats and chocolate, hand rolled cigarettes and home shopping. she was a proud danish woman, who was filled with surprises and stories. most recently, izzi was making her a card with stickers and had asked if jessie loved goats. my sister kristen and I laughed and said of course she did, only to find out in fact she did have a pet goat! she fought illness so valiantly for the past few years. we knew she had lived her nine lives but hoped there would be ten. this last time in the hospital, she said she had ‘tricked’ those doctors, for they had let her go home. and that was where she loved to be most, where she went peacefully, surrounded by her favorite people and favorite things. our hearts are heavy without her here, especially her beloved jonah, my sister kristen, her grandson jude, son jim, his girlfriend rochelle and her extended family. but her new life will be beautiful and blessed. for she is their angel, free to love and laugh for all eternity. vi ses, jessie. we will love you always.

xoxo s