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I love makeup…looking, touching, buying, applying makeup. some find that to be frivolous and I felt I had to justify being a makeup artist when I was around people whose jobs seemed more important (according to society standards). but I realized and was reminded once again at a bobbi brown event over the weekend, that I am so lucky to have a career that allows creativity and compassion. I always tell my clients that it is my privilege to do their makeup, because they are allowing me to touch them and teach them. there is a psychology behind a “makeover’ that involves a unique balance of analyzing, artistry and trust (wow, some of the stories women will share with a stranger). it is a pretty amazing feeling to watch someone who may be going through a hard time, trying makeup for the first time or just wants to feel extra special for one time, take that extra look in the mirror. the magical power of makeup can show the true beauty from within. and if I can help someone find it in themselves, that makes me feel beautiful.

happy monday!

xoxo, s