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my favorite part of the day is waking up to a hot latte, hopefully some sweets from the night before and checking on a few of my favorite blogs or facebook, while the little birds are still snuggled on the sofa with their favorite shows. it’s quiet and calm, because the rest of the day is an alternate universe. we’ve reached that milestone with the baby bird of non-stop action and adventure….climbing, falling, jumping, running, tumbling, and everything of superhero, stuntman proportion. and since I’m solo with my superhusband gone four days of the week from morning til midnight, it hasn’t left much time down time to blog. my breaks consist of cleaning, collecting my mind or completely crashing out in a bunk bed. someday I will become uber-organized, have meal plans and a closet ready for some chic editorial. but for now a girl can dream and I have my favorite things to get me through the week…

have an egg-cellent weekend!

xoxo s