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just as my cyber ink was flowing and ready to attempt blogging at least three times a week again, our baby bird fell out of the nest, aka bunk bed ladder, and fractured his tiny arm. after tricking me via text from the hospital that he was waiting on the x-ray results and for a dcfs worker to interview for inadequate supervision, my husband (who is a case worker) assured me that there will be many broken wings, bumps and bruises. but I feel guilty that it was on my watch and when I was right there in the same room. he has a baby cast & sling but fortunately today he is back to his curious little self… already climbing and causing trouble with the other arm. so once again, I’ll be taking a short break from blogging to spend extra qt with my precious patients (our sensitive bird evan hurt his finger in a door last week and is still emotionally recovering) and practicing the letter ‘x’ with izzi, who ironically learned x-ray in preschool the same day. have a lovely week and hope to see you friday!

xoxo s