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I am a porcelain girl. my sister once asked me if I had white tights on…which is pretty bad, considering I was wearing black capri pants and sandals. I like to say I can get tan, for I am half polish princess. but my irish composition makes that a full-time job. I also got the memo on skin cancer. after thinking a dry patch of skin was eczema for seven years, and having a silver dollar sized basal cell cancer removed from my face, you can say I shroud myself and my poor little birds from the sun. (soap box moment…always wear sunscreen & stay away from tanning beds, thank you very much.)

bobbi brown bronzer (in medium) is my ticket to that amazing michael kors, just got off my private jet from bali, sun-kissed face. but I needed to avoid, as my friend sarah likes to say, ‘the floating head’, or disconnect from my body. the other day, in a moment of complete insanity, I decided to throw on some self tanner. let’s just say I somehow managed to channel george hamilton/ban du soleil/circa 1980s orange glow. I think my favorite part is that while it was supposed to be a gradual coloration, I got the full-blown, completely streaked effect in one application. (exhibit a- my feet, in above picture, are two different colors.) I’m pretty sure this constitutes a sick day, being in the beauty industry and all. otherwise, I don’t quite know how to deal with this situation. do I dare try to even myself out? any suggestions or tips are welcome and please share your favorite self tanners. I’ll keep you posted!

xoxo s