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so many exciting things have been happening lately, but it seems as though I’ve become a bakery blogger. so it is fitting to report that after school today, something told me as I drove up to the starbucks menu, that although it was not listed, to ask if they were offering pumpkin spice lattes. when the girl said yes indeed, it completely made my day. I adore my husband and children, but the sweet sound of please drive around to pick up your pumpkin spice latte just made my heart melt. fall is officially here and I feel like dancing in the leaves. sitting in my new office (example of exciting things happening… to be continued), with my latte, a cinnamon doughnut (the little birds request for their afterschool treat) and pinterest, are some of life’s simple pleasures that I absolutely live for. I think tomorrow will be the white chocolate pumpkin spice combo- to die.

xoxo s