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dining room done

the tools- fabric, scissors, screwdriver, staple gun, staples

the old + new fabrics, minus original red velvet

finished chair

it started as a walnut stained, red velvet covered heirloom that my husband distressed and painted. but after three upholstery attempts at our more than a century old dining room set, I think we finally nailed it, well technically, stapled it! aside from the charming squeekiness, I am madly in love with our anthropologie inspired accomplishment. once again, thanks to another fabulous find from fabric.com, the calypso floral print is kid/cat proof, indoor/outdoor material and the cost was less than a meal out for the five of us!

the most time-consuming part, was actually finding the time late at night to take on the fairly easy project. (I am always willing to admit my procrastinating tendencies, as well as once I’ve hit the bed & bravo tv, it’s signoff mama.) to begin- we, well I should say he, (lol) took off the two former layers of fabric, then used one as a template. I cut out the squares, then as a team, we ‘gift wrapped’ the seat cushions. yes, like six little presents, we stapled each side down, then folded the tops and bottoms at angles and secured them down. just like santa’s elves working through the night we managed not to wake one little bird, booming staple gun and all.  I found wine and this tutorial from designsponge.com to be very helpful. we also replaced the crystal chandelier, which the little birds slowly plucked apart, with the ikea maskros light fixture. slowly but surely, we’re getting things done. happy decorating!

xoxo s

* fyi, the maskros light is now on sale for even less than we paid!