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we had a somber weekend. all five of us sick with the stomach flu. but we were all together, warm in our jammies, with lots of naps and snuggles, extra hugs and kisses. away from everything in our safe little bubble, if not just for a weekend. so much reflection after the tragic events at sandy hook school on friday.  such profound loss really puts life in perspective. they say time heals all wounds and life goes back to normal. but there is no normal anymore. I suppose you can only take each day at a time. do your very best. love without boundaries. teach your children to be kind and giving people. make a difference no matter how small, even if it’s helping someone find a new lipgloss that brings a smile to their face. and always believe there is still good in the world.

these pretty little birds are my whole heart and it pours with love for the families in connecticut.

xoxo s