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hi! I know it’s been quite awhile. but consider me one of those friends who you can always catch up with like no time has passed. so… where to begin? well, let’s just say I’m in the process of a total makeover of me. head to toe, inside and out. I’ve decided to focus on me. not me the mother, me the wife, me the makeup artist, me the friend, me the listener. just me. and by no means am I claiming to be mother teresa, expect martyrdom, or ruling out early onset of a mid life crisis, but somewhere along the way I lost who I am, who I was or even who I wanted to be. just kind of empty. I could become blonde (yes, that has been fun), tell stories of how emmett was eating the little twinkle lights on izzi’s bed (yes, that is true) or show all my favorite new products (my clarisonic IS lifechanging) but still I didn’t feel like writing. I am so grateful for all that I have. but I felt guilty to feel sadness when others suffer from incredible misfortune. I put so much pressure on myself to find perfect balance, it was self sabbotage. here I was at this complete crossroads. I could keep going on a road to nowhere but chose to take a new path to true happiness. I got a therapist to help me in this journey. it’s so early to say I’m ‘cured’ as I like to unrealistically call it. but I know it’s a huge step forward. I had my own stigma on mental illness. if I did this, it was admitting I was weak, I failed, or even I was just plain crazy. all I can say is I am so glad my husband and my best friend eric encouraged and supported my decision. I found someone who will listen to anything and everything, unbiased and unconditional. it will be a long road, but I know there is a bright rainbow waiting at the end. and I hope by sharing this new chapter, it can truly make life pretty.

xoxo s

ps…I just adore this picture, not only does she look like the new me as mini, but she has a bobbi brown shimmer brick!