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tequila ginger beer

while I am a girl beholden to baked goods, nothing beats some imbibement after a long day. like when your daughter splits her ear open on the way out the door to school, or perhaps your two-year old mortifyingly makes himself at home by drawing all over your friends wall on a playdate. and since we dont really have ‘weekends’ per say around here with my retail career, its even more fun to declare ‘cocktail time’ on a random tuesday or thursday night after the little birds are dreaming away.

I’d like to kick off ‘cocktail time’ the series with what has become our house signature drink. it comes from our dearest friends eric & michael aka ‘the colts’. we will bid a bittersweet adieu  to the beautiful couple next week, when they start an exciting new chapter in new york city! they simply call it ‘tequila ginger beer’. fill a tall glass with ice. add one shot (or two) of a good reposado tequila- we love camarena. pour 6 fl oz of your favorite ginger beer* -we recommend all natural goose island spicy ginger if we can find it or reed’s premium ginger brew, the colts prefer blenheims. top off with a twist of lime. toast with a perfectly smooth, spicy spirit to celebrate or medicate, as I will be doing both upon their departure into the sunset on tuesday.



*ginger beer is a more concentrated flavor than regular ginger ale and is not actually a beer. one night while we were out at our local watering hole, ed ‘tried’ to order one and the poor waitress had thought he wanted ginger ale + beer + tequila. after much explaination and still not quite grasping the concept,  she admitted that they didnt have actual ginger ale, but sprite and coke mixed together was the same thing. oh suburbia, how we love your $5 drinks, it’s just not  quite the same.