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redefine macro e


as I mentioned last week, rodan + fields has this amazing at home microderm machine called the macro exfoliator. basically what they anticipated being a three month supply, sold out in 19 days flat! I am so happy to report, it is back in stock and ready for the full attack against aging. let me quickly explain the who, what, where, when, why and hows of the macro e:

who– you are your own esthetician
what– the macro e is a handheld personal exfoliation tool that provides professional level benefits
where– your own bathroom turned medical spa
when– once a week, five minutes
why– the macro exfoliator takes those dreadful, dead, dulling skin cells and sweeps them away, leaving smoother, healthier, glowing skin
how– a patent pending doc-smart technology, developed and programmed by dr rodan & dr fields, varies the degree and duration of macro-exfoliation based on the facial area, just like they use in their offices. and with the diamond tip…a girls new best friend.

did you know we even have a nurse on duty for all your medical questions, comments and concerns?! nurse mary has a delightful you tube video demo- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73Hyp6xAaGQ

and since mondays are already reserved for makeup….it only seems appropriate to make it a macro monday. you can download an app that includes before and after photo uploads and also sets reminders for your weekly at home appointment, at your convenience and no cancellation fee! what dermatologist besides our doctors can offer that?! let’s get you started saraamendola@myrandf.com

happy exfoliating!