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izzi mondrian

my little birds are always a source of laughter as well as inspiration. they come up with amazingly detailed and wild stories. this is my current favorite from izzi- during a car ride, after picking me up from work in the city…

‘mama, can I tell you something? well….when I grow up and before babies come out of my belly, I’m going to live in paris. yeah that’s right. evan can live with me, but sorry not emmett. you and daddy will live in the downtown (chicago) but you will come visit me and I will make you homemade ice cream and sandwiches. would that be ok?’

we told her that sounded great and to remember that she can do anything in the whole world that she put her mind to. I just need to remind myself too.

xoxo s

ps dont you love my mini fashionista’s mondrian artwork?!