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wedding vows

on this day, fourteen years ago I married my best friend. and I don’t know life without him. I still look at him with butterflies when he wears his baseball cap, like no time has passed. I saw him for the first time in first grade catholicism class. in junior high, I thought he must have been the one all the girls liked (as he later told me he thought how does a girl have so many shoes!) freshman year, my typing class partner was unknowingly my future sister in law. finally, our sophomore year in high school I had the courage to ask him to sit at my table for lunch. our first date was steel magnolias. our first kiss, new years. we were voted cutest couple and prom queen and king. I would scribble ‘mrs sara amendola’ on my book covers and decided all our children’s names would be of supermodels and days of our lives characters. everyone thought we were young and couldn’t know. but we did. in twenty three years, we’ve celebrated incredible joys and weathered unimaginable storms.  he has taught me patience and strength, unconditional love and perseverance. we created three beautiful little birds and built a life together on love and friendship.

happy anniversary ed, my #1. I love you with my whole heart and soul. thank you for loving crazy, messy me. all I could ever want or need is you.

xoxo s

listen to our wedding song here…  all I want is you- u2