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it’s only tuesday, and Im already over this week. I wont bore you with the details, but just one thing after another. it has resulted in a severe case of swearing tourette’s. generally speaking, no pun intended, I do have the mouth of sailor. but today, with all due respect, I am completely diagnosable with diarrhea of the mouth. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. envision the cartoon where the dog has to watch over the hibernating bear and runs for the hill every time noise comes out of his mouth. except for me, I run to my bedroom and that noise consists of every offensive four letter word known to mankind. I hate to admit, some less than choice words have slipped right off my tongue….but by some higher being, my little birds are oblivious. at least to my knowledge, or until I get a call in the near future from their day camp teacher.

so I decided instead of washing mama’s mouth out with soap…I would give myself a time out and indulge in some homemade himalayan sea salt twix bars (here is the recipe). would love to pretend I made them myself, for I had every intention to do so. but my superhusband threw them together over the weekend, including homemade sea salt caramel sauce he canned (I know, queue in eye roll now.) the result, I’m speechless.

xoxo s