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I’ve decided tuesday is my new favorite day of the week. what better than to sit down with my family over something with a little spice and finish with a lot of sweet. and since I made a vow to actually make the recipes I have ‘invested’ so much time on over at pinterest, naturally I chose a dish & dessert from my taco tuesday and sweet tooth boards respectively.

dinner: taco salads- well this was a kind of mexican mishmash I made up…started with salad greens that were going to expire, tomatoes on their last life from the farmers market, frozen corn and onion saved from the freezer tundra, chili beans recovered from way back in the cabinet yonder and some ground beef I actually remembered to defrost this morning. so where is the pinterest connection you ask? we had everything but the kitchen sink and taco seasoning. lo and behold I used my ‘homemade taco seasoning’ pin. why would we ever buy it again? topped it off with our favorite wild harvest organic seasoned corn chips (the ‘healthy’ doritos), some chipotle cheese also from the farmers market and sriracha hot sauce*. all that was missing was a little camarena in the ginger ale and a total salad success story sure to be a lifetime movie of the week. (*the little birds had a less spicy version)

dessert: seven layer bars– I have never made these before since a dear family friend makes the best, hands down. I had a taste for something coconut and had all the ingredients, so I figured I could make it into a smoothie for the kids if it didn’t turn out. low and behold, didn’t have graham crackers. but didn’t need them anyway because my go to base are our beloved kirkland organic animal crackers. and when I say our, I mean ed and myself. it is like a big jar of crack on our fridge that we fight the little birds for. I’ve also used them as a sub for pie crust. anyways, I therapeutically smashed those babies up in a baggie and substituted finely chopped almonds for pecans, then followed the rest accordingly. I would never say they are better than auntie claudia’s chewy gooey’s but this recipe was easy, peasy, I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. sweet dreams!

xoxo s

ps I think I’m supposed to write a disclaimer that I was not paid or compensated for any of the products I have mentioned. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to say anything or eat something though, wink wink.