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I’m not one to post every blink, bitch/moan and bathroom break on facebook. however, the other day I did feel this overwhelming need to share my feelings of frustration when my little birds told me the mean kid in camp called evan ‘stupid’. I greatly appreciate the outpouring of advice but the strength I got was from evan himself. we had a great talk later that day about how sad and wrong it was for kids to act that way but even more so, to never let words doubt how special you are. he asked me why he was special. I said because he was the best gift I ever got for mother’s day. he questioned ‘so I was a gift?’ ‘yes, a wonderful gift from daddy’, I stated, as I thought oh god, so not necessary to go into details on this one just yet. but he looked at me with his huge eyes under those thick glasses, smiled and replied, ‘wait a minute…oh, I see. so when you came home, daddy wrapped me in a box and gave me to you!’ I simply said, ‘yes, that is absolutely right.’ I love you sweet evan!

xoxo s