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I’ve always had a hate/hate relationship with my skin. I’ve never been one of those fresh faced girls that could throw on lipgloss and mascara and be out the door. the no makeup-makeup look can be more daunting than full blown kim kardashian smokey eyes. tinted moisturizer was more of a primer than foundation. until now.

so a few months back, I mentioned that I joined the fabulous company of rodan + fields. they know just a tad about skincare (er hem… proactive ring a bell?!). it was an easy sell for me, but I’ve been in the beauty industry long enough to know nothing is magic. let me just tell you….this is a tom cruise jumping on a couch, screaming from the rooftops, stop the presses kind of moment. to say life changing is putting it lightly. it’s what we call ‘skindependence’. after three months, I can look in the mirror at the face of a ‘no where near’ almost forty something girl. dabbing on my bobbi brown bb cream (the best around) looks like my former full coverage foundation. plus, don’t even get me started on the suncare….I have finally found a foolproof self tanner. no more splotches, streaks or stains. plus it smells amazing.

here are my five favorites

1. redefine daily cleansing mask, $41

2. redefine eye cloths, $29

3. redefine triple defense treatment broad spectrum spf 30, $80

4. essentials broad spectrum spf 30 body sunscreen, $24

5. essentials foaming sunless tanner, $24

this is how it works…..you go to my website and can either sign on as a preferred customer or heck…join on my team, you get the vip treatment either way! there is a 60-DAY money back guarantee on EVERYTHING!  the price point really is so incredible for the quality and results of these products. if you put into perspective how much you would spend on a one hour facial a month as opposed to going home with all these goodies for eight weeks of daily facials, it’s beyond saving. plus, if for some reason, you travel, forget to wash your face, spend your allowance on shoes, etc, you can simply skip an order. so, if you would like to live happily ever younger, need more info or want to try a sample, send me a message! and canadian friends, we will be coming to your beautiful country soon, I can help get you started!


xoxo s

ps…I suppose I would be compensating myself for promotion of these products 😉