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yes, the title reads ‘chocolate beet cake’. stay with me here. think of carrot cake cranked up. zucchini bread gone wild. same concept of deceptive desserts, only this time with beautiful beets. in all honesty, this was the first time I’ve ever bought, let alone baked, beets. I’ve always been intrigued but intimidated.  but when I saw how incredibly stylish this cake looked, I had to get over my stain phobia/neuroses. I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate the ruby root into our lives. we picked up a bunch at the farmers market. we love to take a trip there as often as possible. it’s so important to us that the kids see farm to table. not only is it fun for the whole family but it really gets them involved and appreciate good, simple food. so back to the beets…they are ridiculously easy to roast- wash, cut stems to 1/2″, drizzle with oil, wrap in foil, bake 375 for one hour. so delicious. in fact, the little birds sat with their beaks open as I was peeling them. but the show stopper was certainly the layer cake. we still cant believe how incredible it turned out. absolutely no evidence, aside from the flashing neon pink frosting. it tastes like a healthy, haute couture texas sheet cake, aka buttermilk brownies (fyi, my mom makes the best around, that will be another post). try this amazing recipe I got from joy the baker to see for yourself. the best part is no more creepy food coloring plus eating beet cake for breakfast is a perfect way to start the day with your veggies too.

xoxo s