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back patio lemonade


when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. but when your two year old spills lemonade on the floor during a tantrum and you slip on it, breaking your toe, you make back patio lemonade. (yes, true story. I’m ok. just praying to the strappy sandal gods that the nail doesn’t come off so I can wear my new ysl inspired 5 1/2″ stilettos, the ones that I have absolutely nowhere to wear.)

I found this fabulous recipe for front porch lemonade on a blog called bowen appetit. but I renamed it back patio lemonade, since….1- we don’t have a proper front porch  2- as an ode to my superhusband, who just beautified our back patio with these awesome cement paver molds I found on hsn  and 3- I modified the recipe a pinch using what I had around the house. a perfect summer sipper to end a long day, or mend a broken toe.

back patio lemonade (adapted from front porch lemonade by bowen appetit)

1 1/2 oz lemonade*

3 oz bourbon

ginger ale

mint springs


in a shaker filled with ice, add bourbon & lemonade. shake until well chilled. place large ice cubes and pour into two tall glasses (we did mason jars for a real southern comfort effect). top each with ginger ale & garnish with mint. cheers y’all!

xoxo s

*I made homemade lemonade earlier in the day for the little birds using this recipe from weelicious. finally found some stand worthy lemonade, and loving that it uses agave nectar for sweetness.