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I came to the realization that I have a food photography disorder. my family is cruelly subjected to a photo shoot prior to any meal, snack or dessert. my instagram consists of 99.5 % food. already being the third child, emmett will have no documented history of his childhood other than what he ate. Im a total amateur, but the bright side is a new ration of recipe posts.
this recipe for the best peanut butter brownies you’ll ever have is from one of my all time favorite blogs, a cup of jo. she is a super cool writer/keepin it real nyc mom that has an amazing food series called ‘the best you’ll ever have’. I officially lost track of all we have tried, but they absolutely live up to the name. these brownies were thick as fudge, better than a reeses, makes you never want to buy a box mix again, out of this world. we even froze the extra frosting for a rainy day. happy baking!

xoxo s