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today was a bittersweet day, izzi started first grade. we’ve come a long way from my post traumatic preschool post two years ago. we were much better organized- had time for a lovely french toast breakfast, didn’t forget anything, and I even got to brush my teeth. as I watched her walk away, proudly wearing the leopard hello kitty backpack she picked out and get on the bus, I would have cried but 1) my eyes are bone dry from the heat wave and 2) I had to now run down the street to chase after her little bother (no typo, bother not brother, as she calls him from olivia.)

I didn’t get to give her a proper post a few weeks back for her 6th birthday because her party kept getting postponed.  there were a couple of spontaneous celebrations I still want to share but I just want to spoil on her for a moment…

I’m so incredibly proud of my sweet girl elizabeth, as now that she’s in first grade and grown up she prefers to be called. she was the first to make me a mother and know my purpose in life. as much as we like to teach her virtues, everyday she reminds us of compassion and wonder. she loves animals and art, fashion and her friends. she dreams of living in paris when she grows up. she definitely has my creativity and sensitivity but the confidence and patience of her daddy. no child is ever easy per say, but she’s as close as it gets. (especially with her gone all day and left home with my two crazy boys, it’s even more apparent lol.)

for my little bird izzi- mama loves you more than the moon & the stars. always dream and believe in yourself. you are beautiful and kind, funny and smart. the world is a better place with you in it.

xoxo s