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evan started preschool today. it was a smooth transition since he had his best bud shaun with him, as well as having spent the summer getting to know the same classroom and teacher at day camp. ironically, I did shed some tears. but it was for the little boy and his mom who couldn’t let each other go. we’ve all had that moment but it was so heartwarming to see the kids and parents all pitch in to comfort them. I even told her she could borrow emmett for the morning but I guess she thought I was joking. all kidding aside, I feel so grateful knowing our kids are learning and growing and safe in the same great community ed and I were both raised.

this is also the last week before my last year of being in my thirties begins. I have such mixed emotions of the huge milestone that is upon me. honestly, I’m a little scared at the notion of being a forty something. although I don’t exactly feel my age, the little things about being ‘mature’ are a little more apparent- like finding myself reading food labels more than fashion labels or considering a late night drowsily watching an episode of jungle gold at 10pm. on the flip side, there is also something sexy about coming into your own skin and embracing the life you’ve created. acknowledging you cant change the past, but accepting you certainly can change the future. I admit with full vanity to fight father time with all the tools necessary and cant wait to share it all with you.

xoxo s